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          Always Advancing to Protect What's Important


          A Letter to Our Customers

          March 19, 2020

          Dear Valued Customer:

          We believe continued communication is key in this time of uncertainty. At Berry, we are proud to work with our customers to supply products which are truly essential to everyday life. The safety and supply of necessities such as food, diapers, medicine, sanitizing products, and protective healthcare apparel, to just name a few, has never been more critical.

          Because our production is business essential, we fully intend to continue production during this coronavirus fight. Though production will continue as normal, we are going above and beyond Good Manufacturing Practices to promote hygiene and safety among our employees.

          We continue to stay abreast as the situation relating to COVID-19 evolves and will communicate accordingly. Please contact your Berry sales professional should questions arise.


          Tom Salmon    
          Chairman and CEO
          Berry Global


          Contact us to learn more about our products that support COVID-19 prevention:

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